UGC 6v6 TF2 League Season 28

Tue, Sep 25, 2018 by Fornaught

Welcome to our 28th Season for the UGC 6v6 League.

Matches begin on Wednesday Sept 26, on the map cp_prolander_b5.

For season 28 we will have 8 regular Season matchups, followed by an elimination playoff in a bracket format. Medals for this season will include participation medals for all players, by division. In addition, players will receive placement medals for the top 3 winning teams in each of the Platiunum, Silver and Steel Divisions. The European, SA, AUS and Asia  divisions will be considered Silver divisions for medal selection.

For this first week of the season, matchups are selected from a team list ordered by the collective roster experience for each team.  This method avoids the extreme skill miss-matches of random selection in weeks before our ranks progress. By Week 3 and beyond, all matchups will be paired by team rank in each week.

Please communicate with your opponent as soon as possible, to share your agreed server and exact times for each match. Our website Match Comms are available for each team leader and player, and should be used to create a record of communication for each match. We understand that some may prefer steam or discord messaging, but in an event of a dispute, and communication record must be kept and we will defer to our on site match comms.

Thank you for playing in the UGC League, GOOD LUCK and remember to have Fun!


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