Season 25 Finale - Congrats to our Champions!

Thu, Nov 23, 2017 by doppel

A big congratulations to this seasons Champions! And an extra thank you to everyone who participated this season. Please take the time to fill out our survey.

Official Season Survey

Compliments of achievement go out to our divisional and regional champions:

1st Place - Longinus Dreizehn Orden
2nd Place - Nut Masters
3rd Place - NOMmer e-Sports

Australia / New Zealand
1st Place - Team :B1:
2nd Place - videogamers gaming in a videogame
3rd Place - Seven

South America
1st Place - Thomas the Tank Engine
2nd Place - aaaand we lost
3rd Place - SALEMIX

1st Place - Louis van Gaal's Army
2nd Place - Per aspera ad astrA
3rd Place - PumPumKak

NA Steel
1st Place - Barcode
2nd Place - Straight Outta ReSurfed
3rd Place - jerry purpdrank

NA Silver
1st Place - THICC Bois
2nd Place - Bae Material
3rd Place - uwu

NA Platinum
2nd Place - moonlightDive^
3rd Place - krongle dane fanklub

The site will soon be rolled over to Season 26 resulting in rosters, division changes, team name changes and time zone changes being unlocked.

- doppel
UGC Head Admin

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  • 6v6 Season 27 Starts May 23rd.
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  • Sun, Jun 3 - 6v6 S27 Signups Close
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  • Wed, Jul 25 - 6v6 S27 Playoffs Begin
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