S19 Champions!

Tue, Sep 6, 2016 by Kumori

Congratulations to all of our Season 19 Highlander champions! Thank you to everyone for making this a fantastic season!

Platinum Champions
Dunning-Kruger Effect v4 (North America)
Super Dickmann's (Europe)
No Kids Here! (AUS/NZ)

Platinum Runners Up
The Kids (North America)
Tourettes Chessclub (Europe)
illa nine (AUS/NZ)

Platinum Bronze
The Knotty Buoys (North America)
Strong Opinions (Europe)
Kamikaze Division (AUS/NZ)

NA Gold
1st Place - Easy Money HL
2nd Place - Roadkill!
3rd Place - Order of the EZIC Star

EU Gold
2nd Place - UAPlayer
3rd Place - Doctors Of Mediocrity

NA Silver
1st Place - Good Grief
2nd Place - Disappointments Per Minute
3rd Place - [AyyLmao]

EU Silver
1st Place - fetissiSQUAD e-Sports
2nd Place - eXtremists.
3rd Place - Cult of ivan

NA Steel
1st Place - D&D's Nuts
2nd Place - Show 'em the Pine
3rd Place - Heart of Steel

EU Steel
1st Place - Englanda
2nd Place - Pourquoi Pas ?
3rd Place - Frog Village Highlander

NA Iron
1st Place - marXmen Apocalypse
2nd Place - Wile's Shopping List
3rd Place - Shark Boys

EU Iron
1st Place - Badland Badgers
2nd Place - Deseras
3rd Place - Starpubs Crusaders

South America Steel
1st Place - EndespeL ·
2nd Place - Disco Inferno
3rd Place - Anger's Opera House

AUS/NZ Steel
1st Place - Squid Kids
2nd Place - Garbage
3rd Place - Cypher Time!

Asia Steel
1st Place - Ez Steelmedal
2nd Place - Edelweiss


The site has been rolled over to Season 20 and rosters, division changes, team name changes and time zone changes are all now unlocked!

- Kumori
UGC Head Admin

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